Terms of Service

This Terms of Service online document will outline what is and isn't permissible on DeCloudr as well as general rules and policies that DeCloudr has.

Section 1: Our Commitment to You

As a rule of thumb, DeCloudr will not:

  • Tweet on your behalf (unless you initiate actions to do so)
  • Access, Read or Delete Private Messages
  • Modify your Twitter Profile Information
  • Have access to the email address associated with your Twitter Account.

These are known as the 4 (four) guarantees. The way DeCloudr has been designed means that it is impossible for DeCloudr to break the 4 guarantees, as it has strict procedures surrounding the app.

Section 2: How we will use your Twitter Information

DeCloudr will only be used to obtain the following pieces of information:
  • Your Username
  • Your Followers

This is what DeCloudr will request from Twitter when you sign in. When you are downloading a track from DeCloudr, DeCloudr will send a request to automatically follow the twitter account, so you can just download without any inconveniences. From a users standpoint, this is a better position to adopt rather than having several buttons to click (as was in the alpha stages of DeCloudr).

Section 3: DeCloudr's Cookie Policy

DeCloudr stores one cookies on your browser:
  • remember

This is stored on your browser for one month from the date of their creation. The remember cookie facilitates the logging in process.

Section 4: DeCloudr's I18n (Internationalization) Policy

Currently at this time, only Latin character sets are recognised for MyDeCloudr Profile Names and Track Paths. There is a facility where both undergo a transliteration from Cyrillic Character Sets (Languages such as Russian, Ukrainian and Serbian) to Latin Character Sets. (Languages such as English, French and Spanish).
Please note, you are free to name your Track in any script, but its Track Path must be in a Latin Character Set.
Languages such as Greek, Arabic, Hebrew or Hindi have not got a transliteration scheme as of yet, but please continue to check this document as this may change.

Section 5: DeCloudr's General Use Policy

DeCloudr, as a user is free to use. A user can download and follow as many artists as he sees fit.
DeCloudr, as an artist (if used to its full potential) is a commercial app.
You, as an artist can use DeCloudr for free by registering for the DeCloudr Free Account. This gives you one track for users.
DeCloudr can raise or lower the subscription fee as it sees fit, but must give a month's notice before doing so through use of e-mail.
All accounts are checked to see if their subscription date hasn't overran. At 00:00 every day this takes place. If the subscription has overran, the artist receives an email from DeCloudr stating that their subscription period has ended. At this point, they get limited access to MyDeCloudr and their browser will take them to a "Renew Subscription" page.
Please note that, the subscription lasts one year from the date you renew it, not from the day the previous subscription ran out.