How do I use DeCloudr?

DeCloudr is a web service that uses Twitter to download free tracks from Soundcloud, Facebook or other social media platforms. Additionally, in order to obtain the download, you must follow the artist.

Why does the website redirect me to an app on Twitter?

DeCloudr uses the Twitter oAuth Protocol to make requests and ascertain information such as Follower Status and Username.
oAuth is used by many companies such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
We do not store, obtain or use email addresses, passwords or personal information on DeCloudr. We only store your Username and Follower Status, so DeCloudr can accurately use the information to give you the download.

It doesn't seem like I have followed the artist on Twitter after downloading?

When you have downloaded the track, DeCloudr sends a message to Twitter to follow the musician. This is instantaneous and will not require you to do anything.

What's DeCloudr V3?

DeCloudr V3 (Version 3) is the current name of the App, which is used on Twitter. DeCloudr connects to Twitter, and finds the App named "DeCloudr V3".
Depending on how the Beta Period goes, DeCloudr V3 could end up being the final version of the App.

What browsers does this run on?

DeCloudr has been thoroughly tested with the following browsers:

  •   Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  •   Firefox 26.0
  •   Chrome 31.0
  •   Safari 6.0 (on Mac OSX)
If you are still experiencing problems, please email help@decloudr.com