New Features!

Yo guys! We've been working on another awesome feature which will benefit the majority of users on DeCloudr. This feature is called Access Lists and allows you to limit which users can access your tabs.

At the moment, there are 3 types of Access List: Forbid, Allow and Download Limit:

Forbid: Targets an unlimited amount of people, and makes the tab inaccessible to them.
Allow: Targets an unlimited amount of people, and makes the tab only accessible by them.
Download Limit: Specify how many downloads a tab should get before it becomes inaccessible. (Useful for Limited Releases of Content)

Access Lists are currently being trialled on the Coder + Account. If you want to demo this feature, please contact us!
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Decloudr Tab Templates

We've been working on another new tool in the last few days.

Login to your Dashboard and you'll notice a new heading called "Tab Templates".

Tab Templates allow you to create alternative layouts for your tab pages, allowing you to have flexibility and control over your tabs.

Additionally, you can create templates so that they can also be enjoyed by other users on DeCloudr.


Tab Templates are only available to users on DeCloudr Plus and Bespoke Accounts created by the DeCloudr Team.

There is no limit on how many templates you can create.

If you delete a template that is being used on tabs, they will revert back to the Default Template.

No HTML knowledge is required. All of the tools are available to help you get started!

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Introducing DeCrunchr...

DeCrunchr is a new feature that's been added to DeCloudr. It allows DeCloudr to send you daily email reports containing all of the day's Total Downloads, New Twitter Followers and Tab of the Day.

To configure DeCrunchr, on the Dashboard Sidebar, click Dashboard and go to Settings. Under the Account Options Panel, you will be choose to enable or disable it for your account.

This feature comes as part of DeCloudr Pro and those who have Analytics already enabled.
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DeCloudr Hints & Tips

So you've made your first tab, what to do next?

On your DeCloudr page (e.g., towards the right of the page, will be two buttons for every tab on your page. Click the first button (blue) and a new window will appear. Here, you can copy the link and post it on your various social media platforms.

For those who have Analytics enabled, your first twitter follow will start the graph generation processes. The next time you load up your Dashboard, a nice graph will appear and will re-plot itself 4 times a minute.

Please make sure to contact us if you have any enquiries.

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Scrap the countdown. DeCloudr is ready

So yes. We made loads of progress with the app on Wednesday night , so we decided to launch today.

Signup now and get involved with the DeCloudr revolution. Various account deals will be on offer over the course of the next few days so stay tuned on here, Facebook and Twitter.


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Six more days!

Yo guys. Its unbelievable but in six days DeCloudr will launch.

It will be an exciting day and only on the first week of the launch, we will be really awesome.

Stay tuned for more info!

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